FeverTreeConsulting has developed a specialised approach to comprehensive large-scale transformation projects in the public sector that ensures delivery of early benefits while stabilising key processes.

Public Sector and Government

Governments across the world are introducing major change agendas in response to the ever increasing demands made by burgeoning populations and changes in socio-political and economic factors.

To be successful, government transformation programmes need to be aligned with strategic objectives; and robust and clearly defined processes must be in place to deliver the required services and benefits to the citizens they serve.

The FTC approach provides a tailor-made framework of how to undertake extensive technology, process and organisational transformation in the public sector. The methodology enables transformation to be implemented successfully and tangible benefits are realised and sustained in an environment that is notoriously resistant to successful and lasting transformation.

FTCs methodology includes all aspects of change from conception and planning, through to hands-on implementation and benefit realisation. Detailed attention and effort is spent on organisational design, the construction of service delivery models and accelerated implementation.

The FTC approach also includes

  • Comprehensive assessment of what needs to be done and why.
  • Design and implementation of the new business.
  • Management of the transition.

A comprehensive checklist that provides a consistent approach to planning while at the same time is sufficiently flexible to meet demands in different circumstances.